Swisscom Online Identification

Swisscom Online Identification #

Simple digital onboarding #

My contribution #

  • Designed a SaaS web application that enabled financial intermediaries to automate fully their online customer identification procedures
  • Consulted with the product management, security, and compliance teams to identify key requirements and decomposed feature sets for implementation and integration
  • Coordinated and supervised development of online identification product in a development team
  • Set up and maintained automated acceptance test suites
  • Planned and coordinated integration of vendor software and taking in third-party infrastructure
  • Set up and maintained CI/CD pipeline

Technologies #

  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • PostgreSQL
  • WebRTC / TURN (coturn)
  • MinIO High Performance S3-compatible Object Storage
  • REST
  • Codeception
  • ChromeDriver
  • Jenkins
  • Docker, Docker Compose
  • OpenShift
  • Cloud Foundry

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